Online Radio Services

Online Radio Services is an initiative by Pierre Venter-Maher & John Cameron. Many years ago they had a dream of having their own radio station. With many attempts using systems of all descriptions, They now have their “Baby” that they nurtured heading to its 3rd Birthday.



Clock Radio started back in November 2016 and continues to go from strength to strength with a growing listenership. Clock Radio is a station unlike any other. It is Entertainment Radio at its best. Clock Radio’s Lineup starts every Monday to Friday with The Pierre Power Breakfast from 6-10am, followed by great music and memories through to John Cameron’s Afternoon Drive with DJC from 3-6pm.


It’s then more great music and Dave Price’s Retro Show in the evenings and then from 10pm it’s Chill Time with more great music to take you through the night.



Fit 24 Radio is Fitness Radio at its best. Its the Official Radio Station of the Fit24 Gyms Group, covering their current Gyms, and their chain of gyms that will be emerging in the near future. Fit 24 Radio will be broadcasting from the launch of their new Gyms in Athlone, Pietermaritzburg and also at the opening of the new Umhlanga Gym too. Watch this space!!!